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Tailored to a T

Sitting here, soaking in that San Diego Sunshine & designing a gorgeous floral design board for my clients, I realized we haven't met each other yet. Hi, I'm Tay, the owner and creative behind Taylor Nicole Events.

You may be wondering how I got into wedding planning and let me tell you, its quite the journey.

My career started in education as I spent the first 4 years of my Newly "adult" life working as a kindergarten & 2nd grade inclusionary teacher. However, between writing lesson plans, coaching sports practices, and balancing the appropriate amount of coffee addiction to my bodies desperate need for hydration, I craved a creative outlet....something unique/inventive/personal.

That something was event planning.

It began small. Planning weddings for my closest family and friends. Partnering with a local venue in Indiana to help sponsor some of my work, and planning our yearly fundraisers and banquets at the elementary school I taught in. This passion grew into what we can say where the first stitches of the foundational design of Taylor Nicole Events trajectory. A path to a destiny beyond what that Indiana girl could ever have dreamed.

December 2018 We got the call that changed it all.....

With my husbands promotion to a job in Chicago, we packed our bags and that following May, I hugged my precious 2nd grade students goodbye, and I headed out to the Windy City to join him. Never have I felt more excited and also terrified that my life was about to forever change.

Every girl my age grew up watching JLo in her perfectly tailored blue suit, gorgeous stilettos heels, and Boss Babe Energy crush it in "The Wedding Planner" imagining how amazing it might truly be to plan the most luxurious weddings for the most gorgeous couples. The moment I met Ali Phillips with Engaging Events By Ali,, I had my "JLO moment"..... I knew I was destined to plan weddings and learn from the most influential people in the industry. Little did I know I would gain the greatest mentors and friends.

Fast forward four years, I was able to work alongside the most amazing vendor teams, assist and plan truly incredible events for couples, and travel the world learning from other industry creatives. I couldn't be more thankful for Engaging Events by Ali for taking this little wedding planner and giving her the tools to blossom into a designer & entrepreneur.

This past October, I hopped into (more like wobbled chicago marathon legs had me weak in the knees HAHA) my little red Benz and headed out west. Three days of driving later, I was greeted with sunshine, warmth, coastal breeze, and passion for what lie ahead......until uncertainty set in.

Have you ever noticed how a piece of beautiful fabric can fall apart, literally at the seems, but still maintain its design and purpose? That was me. my purpose and designs, intact. But my spirit needed "tailoring". A new city, starting.a new business, having no friends or family in SD really had me slowly stitching back together the foundation of my identity. I had the opportunity to create a future for myself and my family that, I never dreamed possible. So with a little motivation from my husband, (okay like Lots of glasses of wine later), prayer, and vision, I started sewing together the strands of a business I knew I could be proud of. The beautiful tapestry that was created over 8 years of dedication, hard work, and learning flourished into Taylor Nicole Events.

Each job, experience, and challenge tailored the way for Taylor Nicole Events to be what it is today. A place where your story is told, your love displayed, and your dreams supported, Where your event is as unique as you.

Where everything is Tailored to a T.

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1 Comment

Apr 25, 2023

I can’t wait to see where your passion and vision takes you! Loved getting to read about your journey to where you are now. Sounds like you have all the tools, experience and knowledge to really crush it as a San Diego wedding planner!!

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